Strong PC Muscle in Men

Strong PC Muscle in Men


Especially now that male kegel exercises are just becoming a popular topic of conversation, you have to wonder about all men before who are sexually very strong.  Chances are they were not doing male kegels to get that strength.  And many times you notice that in adult films the guys are usually in very good shape to add to the fact that they are sexual marathon runners.  Is there a link between the rest of your body being physically fit and a man’s PC muscle being strong?

Definately…It just makes sense.  Think about when you are doing your kegel exercises, the way you flex your PC muscle.  And now think about how else you would flex that muscle inadvertently; running, jumping, doing squats, or any of the insane workout DVDs now out there.    There are many ways to help strengthen you PC muscle while you strengthen the rest of your body.  Also, many of these exercises increase your cardio which will help with your sexual stamina.

So, when looking to strengthen your PC muscles, in addition to direct male kegel exercises, its a good idea for men to become more physically active to indirectly do male kegels and strengthen our PC muscle to increase our Sexual Health and Strength.  The increased physical activity will also increase your sex drive which only helps the cause….

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