Male Tantric Yoga

Male Tantric Yoga


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Male Kegel Exercise stems from the basics of Male Tantric Yoga; an ancient practice looking to tap into the energy within yourself.  The benefits of Tantric Yoga are widespread from overall well being to an increase of sexual energy and vitality.

While Tantric Yoga is more of a lifestyle than a every once in awhile practice, like anything else, getting started is the most important part.  And then as you begin to step into practices of tantric yoga, you will find yourself becoming more and more interested in the practices and exercises.  

For those beginning, there are 2 options that I recommend.

If you like watching videos, look at  This is a site by Loren Johnson.  His videos show concepts and practices of Tantric Yoga. Throughout the videos, Loren talks about benefits of Tantric Yoga including the ability to harness the power of sexual energy, an increase in sexual strength, and also an increase in penis size.   He also offers videos where he is clothed, and videos of him performing naked yoga so you can better see how it works.  He is very knowledgeable regarding Male Tantric Yoga, and teaches a lot that is good for beginners and intermediates alike.  

For those who prefer reading about the tantric yoga, I recommend Tantric Sex for Men: Making Love a Meditation. This book offers sexual practices to help a man better control his sexual performance through Tantric practices.  In her book, the author Diana Richardson teaches a better understanding of a man’s body, allowing sexual relationships to be more fulfilling for both partners, as well as free from stress or unnecessary anxiety.  Throughout the book, Diana also talks about foreplay, and connecting on a deeper level with sexual intimacy.  

Overall, both the book and videos are useful tools when looking to increase male sexual strength, and ultimately reach a higher level of personal and sexual gratification.  



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